A large population assumes that leg fatigue is a “natural consequence” of getting older, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Chronic venous disease of the legs is one of the most common conditions in the United States, present in up to 60% of the adult population. Of this populace, 20-25% of women and 10-15% of men will have visible varicose veins. Leaving a large number of adults without the visible symptom, often leading them to rule out any harmful condition. Venous insufficiency can often cause symptoms such as fatigue, aching, throbbing, heaviness, cramping, restlessness, and swelling. These symptoms can interfere with any level of daily activity and impact the quality of life. So why live with it?

Now, if you are the percentage that has visible varicose veins do you know what fuels them? Often times, these visible varicosities are “fed by” insufficient veins that are deep within the skin and can only be seen by ultrasounds. These underlying veins that do not work properly need to be evaluated and treated first in order for the varicose veins to be safely and successfully eliminated.

So now that we have covered symptoms and the workings behind the visible varicose veins, we can jump into the types of people at risk. Chronic venous insufficiency is more common in women and adults 50+, but there are significant factors that have nothing to do with sex or age. Factors such as obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, and pregnancy can put individuals at risk. If you suffer from any of the noted symptoms it might be time to take a hold of your life and get tested. Massive Vein Care offers free screening events so that individuals’ who are living with leg pain receive a complimentary ultrasound screening, and start living their lives free of pain and vein disease.

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