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Our Services

Mass Vein Care Provides:

  • Screening and consultation services for patients with varicose and spider veins in the legs
  • Treatment services such as endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy performed by interventional radiologists affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, covered by most insurance providers
  • Cosmetic treatment for spider veins
  • Now offering VenaSeal Closure System


Diagnosing Venous Insufficiency

Interventional radiologists specially trained in performing minimally invasive treatments under imaging guidance, will assess the anatomy of the veins and the direction of blood flow in these vessels. Using ultrasound, they will map and measure the veins in the legs and check if they are open and competent to determine if a patient is a candidate for endovenous laser therapy or the VenaSeal Closure System.

Advantages of Endovenous Laser Therapy:

  • Effective in improving symptoms and appearance of varicose veins with very high success and patient satisfaction rates
  • Usually takes 1 hour and is performed under local anesthesia only, without need of sedation
  • Patients can resume most normal activities immediately, with little or no pain
  • There is no significant scar, as the procedure requires only a small nick in the skin, about the size of a pencil tip
  • Covered by most insurance carriers, based on medical necessity for symptom relief


Advantages of VenaSeal Closure System:

  • Effective in improving symptoms and appearance of varicose veins with very high success and patient satisfaction rates
  • Usually takes 1-1.5 hours without the need for sedation
  • Adhesive seals the vein
  • Only one needle stick for numbing medicine
  • No compression stockings after the procedure
  • Normal activity may be resumed immediately after the procedure


Cosmetic Sclerotherapy:

  • Treatment option for spider and reticular veins in the legs
  • Uses Sotradecol or polidocanol to close these small superficial veins
  • Patients resume most normal activity immediately following the procedure
  • Compression stocking required for 5-7 days post procedure


Mobile Evaluations and Events

Mass Vein Care is available for scheduled time frames to be an addition to your employee health fair, employee day, community fair, group events and more, offering complimentary evaluation for varicose and spider veins. Our experienced team along with our ultrasound equipment can join you on site for a day promoting the wellness of good functioning veins!

Lead Sonographer, Suzie, and the Mass Vein Care Mobile Van